Great fonts for free...

At the bottom of my blog in the right hand column you can find a site that has lots of cute free fonts but this morning I also found this site that is AMAZING! I think I downloaded like 200 fonts! You should check it out.

For those who aren't familiar, to download a font to use in your Word/Works program just click on the font you want then OPEN the file, don't SAVE it b/c you have to unzip to file to get it to work. After you've clicked open then it will pop up in a new window and just above the file to the left will be something that says "Extract all files" you'll want to click that. Also make sure that the box marked "Show all files after they've been extracted is checked. After the files are extracted it will take you back to the same screen. Left click the font file to highlight it then right click and click on "install". That's all you have to do and now you'll have all the cute fonts you can dream of :)

FYI - has a great tutorial that teaches you how to download fonts as well in her "blog tutorial" section.


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