Life with out credit cards...

We are a "Dave Ramsey" family ,therefore we are a NO credit card family. We love living with as little debt as possible and usually it's a non-issue. But I tell ya, when it comes to having to buy furniture or plane tickets it's just soooooo frustrating. Today I had to call the bank to extend my spending limit to buy Ezra a bunk bed from Pottery Barn. I then called Pottery Barn to place the order and low and behold it didn't work :( - blurg. So then I have to call the bank to see when the order will go through and now have to wait for someone to call me back to then call back the customer service rep at PB.
Not the end of the world I know but still very frustrating. Here are some pics of the bedding/throw pillows and bed that we are getting Ezra. His room is themed as "Vintage World Travel" - ohhh lala. And we recently painted his room a "grey/navy" color if that makes sense to anyone ;)


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