New photos of Ezra

On Saturday Ezra and I went for a date ;) It was a mommy and Ezzy day out and we let Daddy have some time to himself since he's home with Ezra all the time. We went to a park off of Camp Bowie then to a J. Rae's bakery for some of their famously delicious cupcakes, then off to the Trinity River Park Duck Pond for a walk. We were chased by some very territorial and nasty geese and I had whelps and red marks from them biting me while I was trying to save Ezra since he doesn't know that not all animals want to be kissed by little boys ;). Then we went shopping at Fort Worth's #1 kids boutique ZOE + JACK (per the sign on their store). It is a precious little shop that has unique finds and adorable clothes but be prepared to rack up a bill b/c it's a bit pricey.
Today we went fishing at a church friend's catfish pond and caught some HUGE fish as you can see from the pictures below - haha. Then we went to Incredible Pizza (an arcade with go carts, etc. in Euless) for dinner with some family that are in town. Ezra is still too little to really get excited about that kind of place so we'll wait a few years before we go back.

Our trip to the Trinity River Duck Pond in Fort Worth:

This is my Uncle Be with one of our HUGE catches of the day :)

My mom's "monster" bream...

Herman just wanted to chase the llama...


Jennifer said…
he is a doll baby!!! sounds like you had a great date :)

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