What an awful day!

This is exactly how I've felt today! I just wanted to throw stuff, and stomp my feet, and just tell everyone to leave me ALONE! Gosh... difficult cases, difficult clients, no breaks, someone contantly in my ear needing something when they can clearly see I'm up to my eyeballs.
Days like this aren't too often but lately it seems like that's been the trend and tomorrow looks to be equally as bad already. Sometimes I just wish that I didn't have to be the one to come up with the answers. Then to top it all off Ethiopia changed their in country requirements to TWO, count them, TWO trips in country to get your child. So now families have to meet their child BEFORE they go to court and then go back to ET to pick them up as well.
The fact that ET was a one trip country was a huge appeal to many people and now I'm afraid that it will significantly decrease the number of adoptions there. So many countries have halted adoptions all together that people wanting to adopt from Africa are very limited and now even more so. So disappointing.


Ryan and Ashlie said…
I feel the exact same way. The only thing that is keeping me smiling is imagining traveling to Ethiopia in 4-6 weeks to meet our chid....(that is if we were to get our referral sometime soon)
Trusting in the Lord,

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