I NEED this boat!

So I'm a total water baby. I love to fish and to swim and explore so it's only fitting that I feen for a boat. When we lived in Florida I'd be driving across the Gandy bridge and smell the bay and just wish I could be out there on the water. Now I feel sooooo land locked living in Northern Texas that I just find myself missing my time in Florida so close to the water and the smell of the ocean. Saving money for an adoption means doing without a lot of my other "wants". No new furniture, new handbags, new shoes, no curtains for the house, no new car, no vacations... everything goes toward the process of "adopting". Not that I mean to complain b/c I LOVE my son and can't wait to adopt again. I am just frustrated by the crazy cost of adoption. I HATE that it costs soooo much just to give a child a loving home and secure/safe enivironment. I hate that in order for a "normal person" (not a super star) it takes such sacrifice and inventive fundraising and yet people who are famous for being famous or drunk or in trouble get all these promo deals for thousands of dollars and families like ours and many of those I know struggle to get $20.00 donations toward something biblical and worthy. Such a bummer really to see where our society's priorities lye.
Of course this post is just me boo-hooing about not getting what I want like a 3 year old. But just look at this thing, I mean isn't it amazing. You can almost smell the salty air and see me behind the wheel with my hair blowing in the wind right :) Anyone want to give me a boat? :)


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