You want to do WHAT with WHAT?!?!?!

This really happened!

So this morning I get to work and go to put some milk in the fridge and see a bag of bloody tissue. Of course I had to inspect it and I see that it's what appears to be a bag of large testicles. So I ask the technicians, "why are there dog testicles in the fridge?" to which my tech replies, "there was a neuter yesterday and the owner wanted them scrubbed and kept for him b/c he is going to have them BRONZED"!
SERIOUSLY!!! I mean okay I can understand baby shoes, or something like that but who would one even call to have your dog's testicles bronzed?????? How does one go about that? Won't they rot? Who are these people bronzeing genitalia?


Paula said…
I love my three dogs to pieces... but that is just WRONG. Ewww.
Becky said…
That is hilarious! I can't imagine where this owner will keep his bronzed treasure - ha.
Sarah said…
this gave me an awesome laugh!!!!

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