You farted?

So Ezra officially has the stinkiest farts EVER and often times he psyches us out and we'll think he's got a dirty diaper but it's just gas.... soooo, we started asking him, "Ezra, you farted?". Well now he's gotten to where he'll just say, "you farted" when he does pass gas himself. Which was cute until yesterday.
We decided to take Ezra and my brother Weston to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (which is AMAZING and a MUST do). When we got there I had to go to the ladies room b/c my bladder is the size of a walnut and I needed to pee. I decided to take Ezra with me for a diaper change as well. As I'm on the potty he farts and says, "You farted". If you've ever been to a large museum on a holiday weekend you'll know that there are lines of people waiting for a stall so I walked out quite embarrassed and red faced thinking... "if I tell people it was really my son will they even believe me, or should I just do the walk of shame and just hightail it out of here". I opted for the later and couldn't wait to tell Michael about what just happened. Oh the "joys of boys!"


Paula said…
Well, for what it's worth... at least you provided a chuckle for your blog readers!
Hilarious!!!! I think I would have been through! LOL

...the other funny thing is that you know that you're a mommy because only us moms who have little ones refer to going to the toilet as going to the 'potty' even when we're talking about ourselves. :-)

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