One funny little dude...

A few weeks ago one of my friends, Levi, taught Ezra what his "afro" is. So now if you ask him, "Ezra, where's your afro?", he'll point to his hair. Well this morning I was getting Ezra ready and he pointed to his Woody doll's hair (from Toy Story) and said, "Afro". I was like, no buddy, Woody doesn't have an afro.

Ezra loves Jesus! He'll say "Jesus" and hold his arms out at his sides, he sees any statue and says, "Jesus", to him any Saint, or statue is going to be Jesus. Well anyway... today at church as he was looking at the crucifix he starts going over Jesus' body parts:
Ezra: "his eyes"
Me: "yeah buddy those are his eyes"
Ezra: "his feet"
Me: "yeah buddy those are his feet"
Ezra: "His poo poo."
Me: "WHAT??!?!"
Ezra: "his poo poo potty"

I then realize that what he's pointing at is Jesus' loin cloth which I guess to Ezra was Jesus' diaper. :)


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