Ezra has pneumonia...

Ezzy has been fine with no indications of illness then yesterday I got a phone call from daycare that he had fever (102.7). We gave Motrin and Tylenol and it wouldn't go down so Michael took him to Care Now since our pediatrician wouldn't see him unless 24 hours passed and the fever wasn't lower since he had no clinical signs of illness otherwise. Well they noticed his O2 level was low, did some chest rads and a blood test and diagnosed him with pneumonia! Poor little dude had to have shots and a breathing treatment and was miserable. So now we have a nebulizer and some meds but if the fever stays too high he may have to go to the hospital. Last night his fever was 103.5 and still hasn't dropped lower then 102.7 :(
Please keep Ezra in your prayers that he won't have to be hospitalized. He's still not coughing but he feels really crummy from the fever and is walking around like an old man.


Paula said…
Hope he feels better soon. Poor little guy.

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