First Day of Class!

So today was our first day of class for "Foster to Adopt" and it was really good! We got a binder with lots of info in it and lots of forms, etc. Luckily we've been through the adoption process b/c I think I would have felt totally overwhelmed. I have to say I was shocked that ALL the stuff you have to have to adopt internationally you have to have to adopt domestically. The TB tests, physicals, FBI fingerprint checks, proof of insurance, referrals, home inspections, evacuations plans, EVERYTHING AND MORE! We have to have a written plan for our family in case of different types of emergencies and written house plans with all exit routes marked as well as photo pages. I just really thought it would be easier this time around but it's all the same stuff. Luckily though you don't have to get things certified or apostilled (spelling?) so that's one less step :) Covenant Kids ROCKS! The speaker was great and I actually learned a lot about how to turn negatives into positives and how to communicate with a child who is escalating quickly. Most all of the stuff we learned is very applicable to any child so I really was excited to learn different ways to reinforce positive reward.
Some of you may not care about most of this but I hope to use my experiences on the blog to kind of blaze a trail for others who may be considering becoming foster parents. I know we knew no one that had adopted before and once I joined a yahoo group with fellow adoptive parents it was like the heavens opened up and I found people with answers and who could relate. I love the people from my adoption groups and call them friends even thought I've never met them. I care for their children like they're my nieces and nephews and since I don't have a "group" for this journey I will just use the blog as a sounding board and a place to share info.
So our next class is next Tuesday and I'm actually looking forward to it. By the way, today they taught us a proper restraint technique to be used on a child that is manic and only if they are going to harm themselves or someone else and I practiced it on my brother who is 8.... well let me just say that I would have gotten my butt kicked if he really was manic! hahahaha Luckily we're just going for an infant this time around :)


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