So my boys are in Shreveport vising family over Labor Day and I opted to stay home with some peace and quiet in order to knock out some more custom blogs. Well this afternoon I was just feeling totally stumped and uninspired so I decided to go and browse around Barnes and Noble to use a gift card that I got for my birthday (thanks Aunt Pam).
Going to B&N for me is like heaven. The only problem is that I'm already overly ambitious so seeing books like, "Learn to Sew", "Crocheting for Dummies", "HTML in a flash", "Handbook for the digital photographer", "French 101", "601 Great Scrapbooking Ideas"... just make me wish I had more time. There are soooooooooooooooooo many things I want to learn to do that seeing those books is like a slap in the face. I grabbed a few books that were one sale and headed to the check out counter feeling defeated and disappointed that I won't be making crocheted winter hats for Ezra, or conversing in French.

Then I saw IT... A little book relegated to one of the little carts that no one really bothers to sift through. I saw the word 'CAKE' and my eyes went wide! I love everything about cake-- cake shows, cake decorating, eating cake - yum. I started looking through this book and found myself laughing so hard I was crying right there in the entrance of Barnes and Noble. I swear to you that this book is HILARIOUS! Sure to make any and everyone chuckle. I highly recommend you buy it for yourself or for anyone that you know with an affinity for cake and the art of cake decoration :)

The book is called 'Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously wrong' by Jen Yates.


Andrea said…
Becky - on my blog there is a link to her website. You're right - - - absolutely hilarious!!
Paula said…
That picture did make me laugh!

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