Our trip to Cancun and down the Yucatan Peninsula

The streets of Isla Mujeres.

We LOVE the movie 'Nacho Libre' so I was very excited to see a cart like Nacho's on Isla Mujeres!!!!

On the ferry to Isla Mujeres:

Michael poseing like the European men we saw in their speedos down on the beach. They would stand next to the cliffs and pose just like this :) - A friend pointed out in my comments that this is also like a reference to Nacho Libre, where Nacho is showing Incarnation his "recreation clothes". Good catch Paula!

The beach at Tulum:

The ancient Mayan city of Tulum in Riviera Maya.

The private beach at our hotel had lots of these little beds and tiki type huts to lounge under. An outdoor chess board.
One of the lounges at the hotel.
Mixing a drink at our bar in our room :)
The day we arrived it was raining and these are the rain clouds rolling in. You can also see our view of the ocean from our room.
Michael on our outdoor bed. I took naps out here daily.


Paula said…
I think Jack Black poses just like that in Nacho Libre, too... in his recreation clothes; the white pants etc.

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