A Must Buy

A couple months ago my darling friend Meena sent me a trial sample of Clinique mascara. I have always been 100% loyal to Loreal Lash Out (with the straight brush). In my years wearing makeup the Loreal product was my favorite THEN I tried this new Clinique product. Though the "wand" looks a bit odd I LOVE IT! Just look at the results below. These are my lashes with no other makeup on. Just the mascara.

So for all you ladies out there that want to get some AMAZING length on your lashes please try this product. I don't think you'll be disappointed :)


Misty said…
I love the results you got from this mascara. I use many Clinique products but have never seen this mascara before. Can you tell me the full name of the mascara? I cannot tell from the photos you posted.

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