Ezra's first trip to the ER!

Most of yesterday was spent at the Emergency Room with poor Ezra. I was at work and my mom was babysitting and she noticed that Ezra (whose fever still wouldn't go lower then 102.7) started shivering and chattering his teeth. Then he went limp and was non-responsive. She retook his temp and it was 104.8!!! So she startd to shake him to get him to respond and called me to say she was rushing him to the hospital.
YIKES! To be a mom with no control of what's going on in a different city waiting to meet her son at the emergency room is an absolute nightmare! I also felt terrible for my poor mom who was totally freaked out and worried as well. Once we got to Cooks Childrens they immediately took his vitals and gave him some more meds to help bring down the fever. Within minutes he became much more responsive and actually sat up and started to play with his Woody and Jessie dolls. PTL!! So after a 4.5 hour stay in the hospital for observation and after some of this:

and this:

They determined that there really wasn't anything they could do for him that we couldn't do at home so we were discharged and just every 3 hours have to dose him with fever meds. He's been much better today and hasn't had any super high temps but still stays around 102.0. He's never wanted his Mommy so much in his life so I am loving the cuddle time :)

We also heard that the same day Ezra was diagnosed with pneumonia his classmate in daycare died after drowning in a pool. This couple also live in our neighborhood and I can not imagine that loss. I know how much it hurt Michael and I to see Ezra cry every time they took his vitals or drew his blood so I can not begin to relate these parents' loss. Please keep them in your prayers.


Praying for Ezra and for the family that lost their child.
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