Birthday party crafts...

Since I couldn't really focus on the computer screen yesterday after my eye surgery I decided to work on a few of Ezra's birthday party decorations. His party isn't until June but I have a lot that I want to do so it is just easier to get it done ahead of time. Ezra's party is Western/Cowboy themed.

Cupcake Holders:
I bought some little natural fiber planters b/c I liked their rusticness online for like $6.00 for 2 dozen. I wanted to make them look like they were "branded" but I don't have one of those wood burning tools so I decided spray paint would have to do.
Here's what you'll need to make these yourself:

First I created a stenciled "brand" with Ezra's initials E M B :
(the shiny stuff is tape used to hold the pieces of the B on b/c I forgot not to cut them out completely)

I then spray painted the stencil onto the planters:

Now just imagine these with a little cupcake in them with a cowboy boot cupcake topper:)

Birthday Garland:
Next I wanted to make a "Happy Birthday" garland that felt vintage/rustic so I wanted to use fabric and not just paper. I cut the fabric triangles out as well as all the letters and used hot glue to place the letters onto the fabric.

I then used some old paper grocery bags to create the "fringe" around the edges and to give the fabric some stability.

Lastly I added some thin strips of fabric b/w each "flag". I am planning to add some raffia as well and to trim around the fabric and the paper. So I'll likely post one more "finished product" photo.


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