Weird Science

Saturday, we took Michael's mom and sisters as well as our nephew, Cooper, to La Traverna in downtown Fort Worth for brunch ($1.00 mimosas and billinis) and then to the Fort Worth Science Museum.

Cooper is definitly teething :)

There's one interactive area where you can look at x-rays and pretend to give shots and swaddle babies and place them in incubators. They even have little lab coats to dress up. Here's Ezra getting a "shot from Daddy":

Ezzy and his "baby":

Ezra was crazy about these bubble machines

He kept trying to eat the fake food in the "kiddie grocery store".

These giant light brights were awesome!

Michael and I even tried some of the older kid projects. There's truly something for everyone here. I could stay the whole day and not get bored.

There's also this totally awesome slide in the gift shop that's sure to please!


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