OMG I have to get these!

Okay so I recently saw a picture of Jessica Biel and she had these feathers in her hair but I thought they were just earrings and now I'm realizing that she has these amazing extensions!!! Aren't they awesome! I found this etsy shop that sells them for $18.00-$20.00 a set and you put them in yourself and treat them like normal hair. I am going to get some so I'll let you guys know how they work out :)

She even makes them for pets! Too bad my dogs are both boys :(


Christina said…
Hi! Not sure if I have left a comment before but I read! (We lived in Justin, Tx for a couple of years '06-'09) I have to say the hair extensions don't go with how I have pictured you in my mind. Is there a pic of you on this blog? I think they are fun! :)
I saw them on this hair stylist's blog and wanted them oh so bad! can't wait to see your flicks!

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