How you can help an orphan today

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Campaign for Ethiopia's orphans
By now if you are connected with adoptions in Ethiopia, you've heard the rumors - MOWA- the Minstry of Women's Affairs plans to reduce the number of interntional adoptions dramatically. If you are concerned about the slow down in Ethiopia adoptions there are a couple things you can do.
You can Help via the Joint Council Emergency Campaign for Ethiopia Children.
Click here to go to their website which I have cut and pasted below:

1) Sign the petition to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi – and pass it on!

2) Have you adopted from Ethiopia?
Please send us up to 3 photos and 50 words or less with what you would like the Ministry to know about your child – we’ll compile the information and send a book to the Ministry of Woman’s, Children’s and Youth Affairs. Send your photos and stories to by Sunday, March 12, 2011 to be included. Please note that sending photos and stories gives Joint Council unrestricted right to use the information you provide.

3) Share…Please send this Call to Action to family members, other adoptive parents, and everyone you know! Post, forward and share your adoption stories via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Make sure you include us in your posts so we can all hear your stories! Here’s links to our pages: Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

4) Stay informed: Get up-to-date information regarding the situation in Ethiopia by signing up to receive information from us: click here to do so, make sure you choose “country and issues specific information” and “Ethiopia.” And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog

5) Help ensure our advocacy can continue: Joint Council is a non-profit and receives no government funding. Please join us in ensuring more children live in safe, permanent and loving families. Donate today!

Most of all ....Please continue to pray that meetings and decisions in Ethiopia will align with God's heart for orphans and adoption.


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