Don't look if you don't like gross stuff...

So I thought I'd share one of my cases from today with you guys.
A geriatric labrador retriever came in today b/c he'd been vomiting for 4 days. Owner hadn't seen him poop either. On physical exam he was bright and alert, not too painful on abdominal palpation, color was good and bloodwork was totally normal. I decided to do some x-rays b/c he has been known to eat foreign objects (namely corn cobs). So on the x-ray I could see something in the stomach, so I sedated him and scoped his stomach and found that he had a lot of rope pieces stuck in his pylorus, so I had to cut him open and this is what came out:

After I removed most of the rope from his stomach I saw that there was another wad that had gotten stuck in his small intestine so I removed that bit as well. During the surgery we kept smelling just this foul odor and I just thought since he could finally pass gas that he was farting, and then I found this:

A hole in the intestines lower down near the colon. Apparently the second blockage in the intestine was sort of acting as a little plug not allowing fecal matter/gas to leak out of this perferation and when we "unplugged" it the gas and yuck stuff began to leak out. Thank God the owner got this dog in when he did b/c he would likely have been dead in 24-48 hours.


Brandi said…
I'm going to show this to everyone I know who has a dog.... I am always telling people "watch out, he can swollow that you know, nothing it to big or to gross for a dog to eat".

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