Party planning in full swing!

A while back I mentioned that I ordered some fondant toppers for Ezra's party online. Well they came in yesterday! While I loved the little "3" toppers the cowboys weren't exactly what I had in mind but still pretty cute all the same. So last night after work I got busy baking some sugar cookies and buttercream frosting.

First I baked the cookies and then applied a little dollup of buttercream to attach the fondant circles:

I have NEVER been able to roll cookies and have them actually stay the shape of the cutters. I now realize that I wasn't using enough flour, I was rolling the dough too thin, and that the key isn't to try and pick the cookie up but to instead roll the dough onto wax paper and then just flip the cookie off the paper onto an open palm before placing it onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. I can ASSURE you that this method is amazing and much easier.
For the dough I used the one found on Sweet Sugarbelle's blog. (I find that you need to use 3 full cups of flour in the dough. I also used 2 tsp. of vanilla and 1 tsp. of almond extract to flavor the cookies and refrigerating the dough for a bit helps tons)

I posted about these little planters a while back but to do a quick repeat... I bought these paper planters from a gardening website for like $3.00 for 24 and created a "cattle brand" out of Ezra's initials and then using a stencil, spray painted it onto the planters.
I then filled them with shredded colored paper and voila!

And lastly... I made these chocolate lovers cake pops with devil's food cake mix, then chocolate fudge icing and a milk chocolate candy coating. YUM!

I messed up SEVERAL b/c I didn't read the directions on how to make them I thought I could just figure it out... bad idea, so Michael ate most of the ones I screwed up :)


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