What I made today...

I have been trying to come up with something to hang on Ezra's curtain rod b/c it just looks so bare and I don't want to close the panels, they're there more for added color. Then today I was cleaning out his closet and found some amazing old fabric that I'd purchased at an antique store years ago. It had been glued to a very heavy paper and someone had apparently framed the images b/c they were trimmed with some red fabric.
Here's what I made with them:

Before: These are the fabric images. I used some rough edged scissors to cut around them to create a ragged look:

I then folded some plain fabric and cut shapes into it like you would to make snowflakes to create a look that was similar to that of Tibetan prayer flags:

Lastly, I punched some holes with an exacto knife and ran some polished hemp through them to hang it like bunting. Here's a close up of the finished product:

I received an e-mail last night from a boutique that I love announcing that they were having a "Store closing sale". Though I was sad that the store was closing I was thrilled when I saw the announcement that everything was going to be 50-75% off. I called my mom and we planned to be there as soon as the shop opened. Thank goodness we were b/c it was packed! I was able to get these 2 pair of Tory Burch shoes for 50% off and this pair of Elie Tahari flats at 75% off!!! I love the Reva ballet flats so I immediately snatched this pair up and hid them behind the counter so no one else would see them :)

They also had these little parasols for sale for $0.50/each. These are vinyl and handpainted! I couldn't believe they were so cheap. I think they'd be perfect hung for a shower or party so I snatched them up as well.

Then I saw this shelving unit priced at only $25.00! It had great bones and I loved the shape so I immediately put my name on it as well. I have been looking for a sheving unit for Ezra's room for a while but haven't found anything with a good price and the right shape.

Some mild wear and tear which I covered up with a few coats of Krylon "fusion" spray paint which doesn't require the surface to be sanded or stripped and adheres to plastic. (I am still unsure exactly what this shelf is made of)

After using painters tape to cover the silver finials (they didn't unscrew) I applied spray paint to each shelf. The paint dried in 15 minutes making this project quick and super easy. I then started stacking the books and presto!

Here's the side view of the shelving unit with the new valance/swag/bunting thingy in the background:
I think it looks great and total cost for the project was $55.00!


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