Giraffe love!

Yesterday Ezra was all over me all morning making it impossible to do any work at home so I called up my mom and suggested we make a jaunt out to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose to see the animals. It had been 2 years since we last took Ezra and he's crazy about animals so we packed up the car and headed for "the WILD"!

The giraffes were amazing and we had lots of fun with this big guy. Luckily my mom's Escalade has a sun roof, perfect for munching from on high :) Here's my brother Weston posing with his new buddy.

Ezra and Weston luring the big guy over... Ezra kept saying, "there's Melman!" (the character from Madagascar)

Ezra loved the Zebra AKA "Marty":

These big deer/elk were super sweet but super nosey.

We also visited the petting zoo on site where Ezra gave the goats some love:

Hmmm... should we be worried? :)

All in all it was a GREAT day and lots of fun. I'm so happy that my boy loves animals as much as I do!


Deena said…
What awesome pictures! That looks like so much fun...makes me want to head to the zoo today ;)

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