Still blogging...

So in case you guys were wondering... I'm still alive :) I have to admit that after our last adoption selection hearing I was just really feeling defeated and didn't even want to turn on my computer much less make freebies, design blogs, or work on any new posts. I think I just needed some time to refocus and grieve. I know it sounds silly but when you're so close and have a child's photo in your hands, I just can't help imagining that child in our home. I know better and try to keep myself as detached as possible but obviously I failed miserably at it. So after a jaunt to Louisiana for Memorial Day to visit family I haven't seen in over a year I feel sort of rejuvinated and ready to rock and roll.
Of course I'm working all week and this weekend so I am still WAY TOO backed up on my blog designs and orders keep coming in which is GREAT I just am feeling super overwhelmed with that and being a single mom with Michael being deployed.
So with that being said, here are some new pics from our trip to Louisiana. I have lots more to post but this is what I could get done tonight. Enjoy!

------just click on the photos below to enlarge------

(oops, I just realized that I inadvertently covered up the frog in the last pic)

Ezra had a blast playing with his cousin Maddox and could have stayed in the pool the whole time!


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