My first macarons!

I have never had a macaron... well that is until a few days ago. It seems like they are everywhere at different events nowadays but no where to be found in our area, so when my curiosity got the best of me I turned to Sparkles Kitchen.

I ordered 4 flavors: salted caramel, madagascar vanilla, rose, and lavender. The only problem is working out the shipping since I work late and don't often get home until after 7pm and they have to be kept refrigerated I just took the risk that they wouldn't be melted by the time I got home.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cute packaging and the little cooler that it arived in. I can use this every day to bring my lunch to work!

Because they were left out for so long before I got home they melted a bit but I wasn't interested in their looks :)

The salted caramel were my favorite. The perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Next I'd love to try the macarons at Sucre' in New Orleans but to have them shipped is crazy expensive so I'll have to make a jaunt down to New Orleans to try them out in person :)


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