A full day...

First of all I have to post this photo to brag on my hubby a bit. After a LONG day at work (a few days ago) he had this delicious drink waiting for me when I got home:

Today we decided to venture out to the Grapevine Mills Mall to check out the mini-Legoland and aquarium as well as Rainforest Cafe.

Our first stop was the aquarium which was much nicer then I expected though it was FULL of crazy kids from day camps in the area. Next time I'd wait to go on a school day during the Fall when less busy.
Isn't Ezra super cute wearing his "pack pack" :)

Now off to Legoland. Ezra was too young to ride the rides but I had a blast looking that the city scapes they created. Here's DFW airport:
The boy can sure pose:

These city scapes were amazing. They lit up and had moving parts. Being a Lego freak myself I LOVED it!
One of Ezra's heroes - Buzz Lightyear.
Texas Rangers ball park:

Dallas Cowboys stadium:

We were super hungry after all of the excitement so we headed to the Rainforest Cafe. Overpriced with kind of yucky food and LONG waits but it is a neat experience.
Animatronic crocodile:
Here's Ezra trying his best to intimidate the croc:

Mom and dad were bored waiting forever for a table so we had some fun of our own:
Michael doing his "I'm trying to be patient and let me wife have some fun even though I want to leave" pose. (thanks for sticking through with it babe)


Becky said…
Looks like a really fun day!

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