OVERACHIEVERS: (photo taken in downtown Weatherford)

OVER-ADVERTISING: (photo taken at the gas pump by my house)

OVER-WHELMING: (photo taken of our bedroom carpet after Ezra tried to "paint" it with my nail polish)

A note on potty training...

Tonight at dinner Ezra said he needed a diaper change. Michael then took the opportunity to remind him about using the potty. Here's Michael and Ezra's conversation:

M: Where does your poo poo go?
E: You're supposed to poo poo in the potty.
M: Where does your tee tee go?
E: You're supposed to tee tee in the potty.

silence... then a contemplative look on Ezra's face.

E: Where do farts go?
M: You can fart anywhere.
E: You're supposed to fart in Mommy and Daddy's bed.


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