I just found out that Ethiopian Airlines is offering a special for the month of February! It's buy one/get one on a round trip ticket to Ethiopia for $777.00!!! So if you have a friend who wants to travel you could potentially go to Africa for like $330.00!

Update: Since posting this I learned that the flight does NOT go from Washington D.C straight to Addis, you'd need to fly into Mekelle and then to Addis and then back to Mekelle back to Washington D.C. I checked the price of the round trip ticket to Mekele and it's $54.58! So still you're under $400.00 for a round trip ticket to Ethiopia!


Aimee said…
Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog.
I believe the buy one/get one part doesn't apply to the DC to Addis route. I know, bummer. But $777 is still a great deal.

Good luck!
Andrea said…
Where was this deal during July 2009??

Paula said…
That is a heck of a good deal... wish I thought we would actually be traveling during February. :(

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