In case you didn't know...

My best friend Meena once listed one of her hobbies as "window shopping". I thought... THIS is why we're best friends. I LOVE TO SHOP. So of course when created their new "universal wish list" I was super excited. Wish Lists are an easy way to keep up with the things that pop into your head that people can get as gifts year round. Well it just got even easier to add things to your list. Now Amazon has this new option where you just add this tab thing to your nav bar and that way no matter what you're doing if you come across something you like on the web you just click on the tab that says "add to wish list" and it is automatically added to your list!!! No more thinking... hmmmm "what was that book that I saw that time in that store???" I love it and I use it all the time. In fact I just used it to add some colorful baking twine to my list.
I am finding all sorts of fund things to do with this colorful twine and decided that I HAVE to have some.
I also decided that I just HAD to have some Japanese washi paper tape for gifts and crafting as well.
So go and get your own wish list started and start window shopping!


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