Kids say the darndest things...

Martin and his new little sister Helen:

A fellow adoptive mom recently posted these quotes from her son on her blog. I LOVE to read these things adoptive kiddos say that are learning about our culture and our language. This is the same little boy who cleaned his house w/o being asked for and entire week to prove to his mom that they he could care for a hampster. He's a real crack-up :)

"If someone gets into our house, I'll just hit him with my light saber. Because it's real."
--- Thanks again, Andy, for the gift that keeps on protecting us.

"Mommy. We need the Ove-Glove."
--- Someone has been watching too much t.v.

"Daddy. Do you want to get Mommy's present from Wal-Mart or Aldi?"
- - - A constant reminder of where I shop.

Martin: "Mommy. This chili is really good. What's it made out of?"
Me: "I made it with love."
Martin; "No. I don't think that's it."

"Ring around the rosie. Pizza Pocket fuzzies."
- - - Martin practicing a new song he's learning in pre-school.

"You will pay me for that later!"
- - - Martin's response from me beating him in Tetris. [He's trying to say: You'll pay for that!]

Martin: "I know where my Christmas presents are."
Daddy: "You do? Where?"
Martin: "You hid them at the bank in the bathroom."


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