My favorite things...

Some of my favorite Christmas presents that we received this year:

My MIL got me this adorable purple and gold paw print scarf perfect for tailgating for LSU games and showing some school spirit. I simply asked Michael if he would model it for me for a photo but he took it to another level and brought out his inner male model :)

Michael got these really cool hunting gloves"

There are LED lights on the knuckles

And these velcro patches fold back to expose the trigger finger and thumb. I just thought they were WAY cool. I have no idea how practical they are though... hmmmm..

Purple and gold tiger print "jelly" watch! Geaux Tigers!

Michael's responce to these presents below, "This is the best Christmas EVER. Bourbon and bullets!"

I bought both Michael and Ezra these t-shirts. It's Han Solo cup and his Wookie Cookie (can be found on )

My mom got Ezra this super cute little "doodle carry all". I love it b/c you can replace the color pencils with thin markers and it is easy to fit in a purse or backback to take to a restaurant or to church to keep our little guy busy.

Aren't these French flashcards just beautiful! I thought they would be great to use as a decorative border or art piece in a nursery. I just had to have them!

These timeless books are great b/c you can record yourself reading the story. Michael's dad made this one for Ezra.

Michael got me this saucier (spelling?) pot which we needed greatly. Several days ago, I decided to cook Boef Bourginone from Julia Child's cookbook and realized that if I continue cooking from her book I just MUST have one :)

Probably my most lusted after gift :) The Louis Vuitton Speedy 35! Thank you Michael!

Now these may look silly but they ROCK! I have wanted these Vibram 5 finger toe shoes for a long time but just didn't want to fork over the dough to get them. Michael's mom blessed me with them for Christmas and I can't wait to try them out at Mineral Wells State Park with some hiking and climbing. I wore them around the house today and they're great though getting used to having something b/w all your toes is a bit odd.


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