Who knew...

I often use this product
on Ezra's hair by Miss Jessies which comes in a small tub. I say this because then you can understand the following photos.

This is what I was greeted with a few days ago. "You fix ya hair" - Ezra

Try getting this out of someone's hair! Geez this was the first time I have actually shampooed Ezra's hair in months. I usually just use conditioner. For 2 days he had smelled like Vapor Rub.

Yesterday I decided to try and decorate Christmas cookies with Ezra. Nestle sells precut sugar cookies in Christmas shapes so all I had to do was buy the icing. Decorating cookies was a lot harder then thought, but we had a good time doing it and it kept Ezra busy for all of 8 minutes :)

Our finished products:


Andrea said…
I LOVE this!

Absolutely hilarious.

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