Lunch date

The past few weeks Ezra and I have been going on lunch dates after running errands or doing fun activities together. He's been great and I really enjoy our one on one time exploring new places. Yesterday we went for a stroll in downtown Fort Worth to see the HUGE real Christmas tree down there and to stop by a local chocolate shop for some goodies! Ezra told me that the large nutcracker sculptures near the tree were "like a robot", "like Buzz Lightyear", "like Iron Man"...hmmm okay if you think so buddy!

Ezra loved this giant cowboy sculpture in the downtown Barnes and Noble:

I had to take a picture of Ezra's "happy plate". He ate ALL of the spagetti that was piled high on this plate. The most the kids has ever eaten before. Makes a this Mama who has dealt with his oral aversion VERY happy!

Once you see how little Ezra looks next to this tree you can appreciate just how big it is!


Paula said…
How fun! Ezra is so cute. :)
Zach said…
Ezra is adorable.

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