Eggs, bubbles, horses, and a whole lot of mess!

Easter morning Michael surprised me with these TOMS! So unexpected and sweet :)

We had a little Easter egg hunt for Ezra in our backyard Saturday evening:

Ezra found more then just eggs when he happened upon this toad. (click on the image to enlarge)

After church Easter morning we went to my parents' house and had another egg hunt for Ezra:

(Here he looks like a natural short stop)

Then he found a stick and decided it would be more fun to have an imaginary sword fight:

Ezra then got distracted by the horses and had a blast petting them and climbing on the fence: (click on image below to enlarge)

Then came the mess! My mom bought Ezra a bubble machine that makes colored bubbles. DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR KIDS (unless you are up for the cleaning). Wow this stuff is super strong and gets EVERYWHERE.

My mom even fell victim to the bubbles :)

Learning how to make bubbles with Gommi:

The aftermath:


Paula said…
Your mom looks like she is my age. Way to make me feel old. :P

Cute pictures as always. Glad you had a lovely Easter.

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