What's for dinner?

Tonight for supper I decided to make bruschetta like the one from Julie and Julia. I loved the movie but REALLY loved the food in it. I've already made the boeff bourgignon (I'm sure I butchered the spelling here) but what I really salivate over is the bruschetta she makes at the beginning of the movie so I did an internet search and found a recipie that's similar to the one she makes.
Michael also says my roasted chicken is the best he's had so I decided to make that as well.
I decided to share the recipes with you guys, so I hope you like them and Enjoy

Here's what you'll need for the bruschetta (pronounced brus-ketta) just FYI.

First slice an italian bread or whichever bread you choose at a diagonal. (I used an italian rosemary bread)

Next mix together your italian herb paste (or freshly chopped basil) about 1.5 tablespoons with an herb infused olive oil vinagrette (maybe 1/4 to 1/3 cup) and a tsp. of garlic. Add in salt and pepper to taste. I didn't use any measurements so I hope this image gives you an idea of about how much I used.

Next you'll need to boil enough water to cover 3 tomatos. Once it's boiling remove it from heat and put the tomatos in the water and let sit for 1 minute. After you remove the tomatos from the water make one cut around the tomato from stem to stem longitudinally:

After you make one cut around the tomato simply pinch the skin on either side and pull it back:

Then put just enough extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan to cover the bottom and fry the bread on both sides:

Add some slices of fresh mozerella:

Once you've peeled your tomatos and they've cooled a bit slice them and remove the stems, centers, and seeds then dice:

Lastly mix the chopped tomatoes with the olive oil/herb mixture and spoon over the bread. Eat it immediatly as the bread will absorb the moisture from the tomatoes and become soggy quickly.

For the Roasted Chicken:
**Note: I don't follow a recipe for this so I'm using estimates, edit as you see fit.
First preheat your oven to 375.
I used a 5 quart dutch oven and placed my chicken and all the veggies together. First I pour a can of chicken broth into the dish and add one packet of french onion soup mix and 1 cube of beef boullion. Then I place the chicken into the dish and make cuts into the breast and legs. I then add 2 handfulls of chopped onions and celery, and one handfull of fresh chopped parsley. I also put in about 1 cup of baby carrots and about 2.5 cups of chopped fingerling potatoes.

Next I stuff one pad of butter into each cut into the chicken and sometimes stuff some under the skin when I'm feeling extra glutinous :)

Then I sprinkle the entire chicken and the surrounding veggies with thyme and sage, as well as salt and pepper.

I typically cook the chicken covered at 375 for at least 40 minutes and then cook uncovered at 425 for another 25 minutes or so. Honestly I usually don't time this I just keep checking the chicken to make sure it's not drying ot but is still cooking through and through.
Voila! A delicious meal that your family will love!
*Note: I typically don't make my cuts into the chicken breast so large but I guess I just got a little knife happy this time :)


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