Featured donors: Fundraising Families

As the Hopechest giveaway/fundraiser is coming to a close I wanted to feature all of the adoptive families that are fundraising and participated by donating items to our giveaway. Please click on the links below to see how you can help them bring a child home. Also if you haven't yet, PLEASE make a donation and be entered to win lots of great prizes!!! Just click on the Hopechest Giveaway button to the right to see how to enter to win.

The Boddie Family -

The Boddies adopted 2 girls from Ethiopia and are still selling some tees, coffee, and tote bags to finance their adoption.

The Jones Family - Hi, we're Josh and Candace. We met while studying graphic design in college and have been married for almost six years. We have a four-year old son at home and a 9-month old baby girl in Ethiopia...hopefully not much longer till she is home forever! We love our family, we love what we do, and we look forward to what God has in store for our future.

The Jones family are selling graphic prints for adoption. Click HERE to check out their store.

The Reaser Family
- Dennis and I have four children: 15, 11, 9, and 6. We are currently waiting to get a referral for a baby girl, 0-12 months and boy 0-4 years from Ethiopia. Our family is so excited to be on this journey. It all started when I went on a missions trip with our church in October, 2009. Our kids kept saying, bring home a baby, and I said "I would if I could." Believe me, it was hard to visit all the houses, orphanages and schools there and not want to bring them all home. After I came home, Dennis and I took several months to pray about it and decided this was indeed what God wanted us to do. Our dossier (the huge stack of paperwork) is currently in Ethiopia right now and we expect a referral (info and pictures of the baby/babies we are adopting)any day now.

The Reasers are selling tote bags and tees as well as washer necklaces to raise funds for their adoption(s).

The Wade Family
- We are Logan and Brandy Wade. We live in Linton, Indiana with our 3 year old son, River. We have chosen adoption as our first choice for our second child. As of August 27th, 2010 we are waiting for a referral for a healthy infant girl 0 - 9 months old.

The Wades are partnered with Just Love Coffee and are also selling art prints created by Logan. Click HERE to visit their store.

The McKinney Family
- Tony and I have been married for 12 years and he's 10 years my senior. I was 'adopted' by my uncle and his wife shortly after my mom died when I was 5 so the option provided by adoption is a big deal to me. We're a blended family -- 2 boys (MJ & C) by Tony and me and another son (Anthony) who is an adult now with a daughter of his own. I came into Anthony's life when he was around 9 and when we got married, I became mom #2. We started the adoption journey in August 2009 (with the thought of pursuing international adoption) and have been chugging along ever since.

The McKinney's are selling tees and glass tile necklaces to raise money for their adoption. Click HERE to visit their etsy shop.

The Jenkins Family - We are a family that is adopting from Ethiopia. I am a stay at home mom. I love being creative and making Africa themed items. Yes, this mom uses the saw and sander all by herself! So you know that each product you buy from me is made with a lot of heart! When you buy my items, you help us fund our adoption.

Debi has an etsy shop where she sells LOTS of goodies. Tees, hoodies, necklaces, magnets, and ornaments.

Lisa's Family - I am a single mom to three amazing kids; each of whom just happen to have been adopted through foster care. We're starting down the path of international adoption. Our family has grown through adoption and I am all the more blessed to know each of my children. Thank you for helping us to GROW! :)

Lisa is selling handmade necklaces to raise money for her next adoption. Click HERE to check them out.


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