Today's projects...

Here are some of the things I worked on today for Ezra's vintage cowboy themed birthday party in June. Just click on the image below to enlarge:

1. I bought these antique wooden boxes months ago with the idea of using them on a shelf above my desk (which doesn't yet exist). Since they aren't yet in service I decided to use them to make little containers for some cake pops. Since part of the party set up will include a "general store" I thought these boxes were perfect!

2. Finished product after cutting floral foam to fit and topping with artificial grass from Hobby Lobby. I bought these "chalkboards on a stick" online for the party, but I love that I can reuse them over and over for different parties.

3. I bought some old timey looking glass jars from Ikea for $3.00 each to go with the general store theme, and made the labels with an image I got from graphics fairy here.

4. I made this sucker stand for the general store out of a cardboard topiary I bought at Hobby Lobby in their after Christmas sale for $3.00 then spray painted it red and punched the holes for the suckers.

5. I had these glass bottle labels made by Loralee Lewis from her shop. I also plan to have her make his party invites to match. I do wish in retrospect that I'd asked her to make the cowboy brown :)

6. I bought this old grain sack months ago as well and knew I'd want to use it for something. I decided to cut it up and use the images from the sack on some wooden planters I bought at Ikea for $6.00. I'll use them for various things for the party and then who knows what they'll become after that :)

7. Here are the images of the wooden boxes after being modge-podged with the grain bag images.

I can't wait to post the pictures of everything all together. I'll keep you guys posted on my next party projects and for more fantastic party ideas you have to check out this site.


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