Featured donors for the Children's Hopechest giveaway...

I'll be posting about the donors for our giveaway as well as featuring some of my favorite items they offer daily throughout the remainder of the giveaway. Please click on the links below to visit their shops!

Pronta is a unique fabric necklace or scarf accessory for women and it comes with a flower pin and a beautiful blend of colors adding the accent to your outfit. The versatility of Pronta let you be creative at the time to choose styles and forms, even the pin flower can be wear separate. You choose. You create.
Hi! It's very nice to meet you. I'm Maru Stephens, Designer of this unique fabric design. Just letting you know that I can make Pronta on request. You can even choose your favorite colors and combination.

(Maru is offering a FREE pronta in our giveaway, so just click on the button in the right sidebar to enter)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anya's Green Baby is an etsy shop that an adoptive mom started as a means to fundraise for their adoption. She offers organic/eco-friendly items that are all handmade. I've already ordered FOUR of her hankies for myself and for friends! (For your chance to win a lovely framed sparrow hand embroidered art piece click on the giveaway button in my side bar to enter to win!)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Junke Posse is an etsy store started by Tracy, an adoptive mother and a grandparent to adopted kiddos!

My designs are my Passion with a Purpose & when you purchase items from Junk Posse you help to support several non-profit groups and Adoption in several ways.
CHILDREN'S HOPECHEST:- A Loving Organization Responding to God's desire to create a world where every orphan knows Him, experiences the blessing of a family, and acquires the skills necessary for independent life. Please visit them here: http://www.hopechest.org
WATER FOR CHRISTMAS:-A grassroots effort to bring life-saving, clean water to West Africa.
147 MILLION ORPHANS:-A Wonderful organization supporting Orphans WorldWide. http://147millionorphans.com/pick-me
WORLDWIDE ORPHANS FOUNDATION: they transform Children's lives with professional services, love, care and hope. For more information, go to www.wwo.org

THE ADOPTION EXCHANGE: A wonderful organization that provides a connection between Children who wait and Families who Adopt. Please find out about them here: www.adoptex.org
NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP: It is a Wonderful organization that is making a big difference for those who have lost little ones. Find out more about them here.
OUR GLIMMER OF HOPE: An amazing organization that is changing the lives of Orphans in Africa. Find out more- www.ourglimmerofhope.org
THE WOLFE FAMILY: A Family that adopted three teenagers from Ethiopia. feel free to contact me anytime about my designs or the many custom pieces I design.
Together we can help to change the World one necklace at a time.


P.S. Visit my Blog at www.Junkposse.blogspot.com (Tracy is offering one of her beautiful necklaces for FREE so just click on the giveaway button in the right sidebar to find out how you can win)


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