Doggie claustrophobia...

To start out the day I asked Ezra, "what do you want to do today?", he then said, "go to the poster-elvis." (this means post-office) hmmmmm... how about instead we go to some new parks we hadn't tried yet. The weather here is just stunningly beautiful so I wanted to be out enjoying it.

First we went to Holland Park Lake:

Shortly after seeing this turtle Ezra tried to pick it up and dropped it on accident.

He then told me:

"He's okay Mom.
He told me what's wrong.
He's sad.
I didn't break him.
We don't tackle turtles."

We then went to the Malt Shop in Weatherford. It's just an old dive that plays 50's music and has amazing malts and shakes.

Then we headed home and I was greeted by this:

Our dog Herman has horrible seperation anxiety if he feels trapped. Well I am obsessive about keeping the doors open when we leave just in case Herman is asleep somewhere. Ezra on the other hand is obsessive about keeping the doors closed and I suppose he'd closed the bedroom door before we left.

This is the FOURTH time Herman has done this. The second time in this house when he got closed in our closet and the other times in different houses.

And for his final "F-You", he left me this little present in our closet.


Paula said…
Naughty Herman. But I have to admit I laughed about the poop in the closet. Only because I've had that happen to me before, although we crate our dogs when we're not home, so it's usually a cat that leaves those presents.

Ezra's words about the turtle were adorable. :) "We don't tackle turtles". Words to live by.

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