Things that caught my eye...

So I am totally enamored with a blog that I don't even know the name of b/c it's all in Spanish. I have no idea what it says but I love looking at all the photos for inspiration. You can find the blog HERE and you'll likely spend at least an hour drooling over all of her posts. These are just some of my favorites from her more recent posts:

Right now Ezra is CRAZY about robots. He calls Michael's electric toothbrush a "robot toothbrush" and could play with it for hours if I let him. So I am already planning for next year's birthday party to be robot themed. I loved these little "DIY" crafts for the kids to make with cans and nuts and bolts. Really inexpensive but still super cute! I also loved the idea of making little stir sticks with the nuts and bolts as well. I think I will have to start planning now just to edit out some of my ideas :)

Okay so I NEED this coat! Isn't it delicious!

sooooooooooo cool... I've been looking in back alleys around downtown Fort Worth for distressed wood like this. I even contemplated tearing apart some old planters outside a old place for lease that is just going to pot but decided that going to jail for destruction of private property is probably not a good idea just to get some cool pieces of wood :)

This dressed was actually built to house a speaker system. I think it makes an amazing entertainment console.

I love the use of the bunting in this photo. I never would have thought to do that b/w the torches and I think it just adds that something extra to the photo.


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