Not a typical post...

Well I was going through some old papers in an attempt to organize my scrapbooking/catch all closet and found this letter that I must have written in high school along with some old love letters from past boyfriends and it made me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you guys as well.

Give me a crisp white blank sheet of paper and beware, because a million and 1 things could happen.
It may be transformed into an airplane or a snowflake. It may be covered in so many indistinguishable doodles: faces, glaring eyes, animals, even just simple shapes, that you can no longer even see the white background.
Most dangerous of all, it may contain the things that are most precious to me...the workings of my heart, mind and soul.
Raw emotion simply jotted down onto a one-dimensional piece of paper via rhetoric and rhyme and the simple English language, which doesn't yet have words to describe in the most minut sense what I am physically experiencing. Yet some people have the gift of word usage...that talent of combining sense words like rough, dark, eerie, steamy... and you feel as though you are living in that moment; only it's in your mind.
Paper...what an incredible invention. Like I always say..."it's the littlest things that are really the big things." (I have no recollection of 'always saying' this) Who would have thought that paper would be an outlet and escape for so many for so long.
Now a days computers and floppy disks (this is where I started laughing) are slowly replacing this age old material; but it always either provides me with a full belly laugh or a few salty tears. When I go back and find old love letters or journal entries time just surrenders to the moment. You are immediately taken back to that age and place and you are a God for a sweet instant as you have created your own time machine completely by accident.
Elderly couples are reminded of the sweet serenity of "new love", for myself, I'm reminded of what I've overcome and who I have become. The things that shape us are all too often overlooked, but they are never forgotten.
I recently read a line that said, "Anything with the power to make you laugh over 30 years later isn't a waste of time. I think something like that is very close to immortality." (wish I knew where I read that)
I'm so grateful that I have so many things to laugh at and also that I am able to see them in a humerous light and not feel anger or regret.
Why am I writing this??? I mean, who knows but hopefully in 30 years the paper trail will bring it my way and I'll be able to strap myself into my time machine for another trip down memory lane.


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