One HAIL of a morning...

Yep, more hail in TX. It's so odd to me that it can be hot and we get so much hail here during late April-May. My poor roses :( My Judy Garland roses JUST started blooming and now they'll probably just be all stems.

Yesterday we went to the Fort Worth boat show so I could salivate over all the beautiful boats there. If you've followed our blog for a while you'll know that I've been dreaming of buying my own boat for like FOREVER!!! I grew up on the water fishing with my dad, then we moved to the West coast of Florida and my desire was put into overdrive. Now that we're in TX it's not as bad but I still long for a boat of our own. I still get the Sea Ray owners magazine (even though we don't have one) to just read about what's going on in the boating world.

Ezra also seems to LOVE boats and had a blast "driving" them.

Isn't this decking gorgeous!

We then went to Sweet Sammie's on South 7th and tried some of their cookies. Ezra got chocolate chip which ended up all over him but his teeth were especially yucky:


Paula said…
In the summer here, almost every time it thunderstorms we get hail. And I am amazed every time. :) Maybe by the time I've lived her for 20 years I'll get over it. We have a boat. Yes, it's fun. But we've done pretty much every dumb thing you can with a boat(I ran ours aground once, thank goodness for sandy lake bottoms; Tom sucked the tow rope up into the jet ski, I went flying off the back end once when Tom throttled up unexpectedly... the list goes on), and they are also a lot of work and kind of a pain in the neck. Just saying. :)
Sounds like you had a fun day.

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