More birthday party goodies...

I can't remember if I ever posted the invites for Ezra's party so if I did - sorry, but here they are again. I am getting them from Loralee Lewis. She's brilliant and I am CRAZY about her designs.

I have been getting quotes from different people for some custom cookie/cupcake toppers for Ezra's party. One place that I love does amazing cookies but a dozen would run me around $70.00! so I opted for a less expensive option - fondant toppers. A few people told me that they couldn't be done with the buckaroo image below but luckily I found an etsy shop that not only agreed to make them but is very affordable!

Lady Cupcake is making 6 of the buckaroos pictured below:

As well as 6 of these numbered toppers in colors to match the invites:

I love love love these little owl toppers. They'd be just precious for a baby shower! AND you can get a dozen for only $18.95!


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