A day at the lake...

So today we went to Lake Granbury where they have a little beach and it was a blast!!! I loved it and so did my boys! The weather was perfect and there weren't many people. Of course I brought the camera and got some cute ones of Ez. We then went and got some passport photos taken for his citizenship application and ordered his birthday and Christening cakes. whew.. busy day but now we're home and dry and TIRED! I'm very anxious to see how his birthday cakes come out seeing as how the woman who took our order was VERY rude and just shot down every idea that I had for a custom cake (we're not talking a simple sheet cake here people) so we'll see. I'm still seething from that encounter. So aside from that, enjoy the photos!

My handsome, lovely, happy boys!!!

This is actually a happy face :)

Ezra's "footprints in the sand"


Kari said…
Adorable pics at the lake!!!
Goooood luck on the extra special cake!! Stay strong:)
Valerie Z said…
Ezra is so adorable! I LOVE his little cheeks!!

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