Water Baby...

Well Ezra just loves the water! We brought him for his first swim in a "big pool" at Gammi's house and he just loved it! He just kept wanting to lick the water :) Uncle Weston (my 7 year old brother) was trying to show him the ropes of swimming and water gun fights. Today we just let him play in his kiddie pool. I went to Target and couldn't believe what they have for kids these days in terms of blow up pools! I was amazed! Once he gets a bit bigger I may have to get him one of the ones with slides and water cannons, etc. I really really wanted to get away this weekend but with 2 dogs and a baby it's almost impossible w/o some serious planning ahead of time. I think if the weather is nice tomorrow though I may take Ez and Michael to the dinosaur fossil park. You can see fossilized footprints in the river bed and also go tubeing.


Kari said…
SO ADORABLE:)) We can't wait to take Zoie swimming.

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