Happy Memorial Day

I was hoping this would show our beautiful roses but they don't really show up too well.

This is what Ezzy does to EVERYTHING. Note his baby bed rail below! If anyone has horses they will know what "cribbing" is, and Ezra is literally cribbing on his crib!

Ez hated this floaty suit thingy! And I do too, it should have a warning sign that it tops kids over onto their faces :) poor guy.

Well this time last year I was fishing at Toledo Bend :( Wish I were there now. I LOVE to fish! Michael.. not so much. The weather is nice here so I think we will be going to the dinosaur park thingy. I'm trying to find a bakery that I trust to do Ezra's first birthday cake!!! I'm so running behind on getting that done. I still haven't even sent out the invites, I'm terrible!


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