Our trip to the dinosaur park in Glen Rose, TX

It was packed with people and cars today at the Dinosaur Valley State Park but the weather was perfect and the water was just right. We'd never been but it looked really cool and it so was, I'm also a water lover myself so I had a blast and Ezra would cry when we'd pick him up just to move down the river, he LOVES splashing around! It's amazing to see the fossilized footprints of the different types of dinosaurs in the river bed. I can't wait to go back with a tube or a float so we can spend more time there and actually swim a bit. We got all the way there and I realized that I'd forgotten to pack a bottle - YIKES. Ezra is totally opposed to sippy cups so praise the Lord his mind was on playing and not having a bottle. We managed to make it there, enjoy it for about an hour or so and get back home w/o incident :)


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