Well I'm thrilled to report that by this Mother's Day AWAA and Children's Hopechest have met the goat of $12,500 to provide 400 cans of nutrient rich formula for the children at our transitional home. Much thanks and praise to God for this small miracle. Also today is my first day as a eucharistic minister at our new church :) I'm really excited to be able to play a larger role in "communion" with our church community. I'm also trying to plan Ezzy's first birhtday party and I'm running out of time. I just can't believe that he'll be ONE in less than a month! The Semlow's are in Ethiopia now to get their 3 kiddos and I just pray that all goes well and they can come home healthy and quickly. They've waited soooooo long to be united, I just can not put myself in their shoes. Here are some new pictures of Ezra with some of our beautiful Texas wildflowers!


Kari said…
What a beautiful gift from the Lord. Ezzy is just stunning:)))
Happy Moms Day!!
Anna said…
Happy Late Mother's Day to you Becky! I love these pictures, Ezra is beautiful!!

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