Formula Drive for kids in the AWAA transition home...

UPDATE 5/7: You've given $9065! to send formula as of 12PM today...lets keep going. We can now send at least 240 cans of formula! Keep it coming! We've got blog buttons for you here. And a new testimonial from Roger and Kari Gibson.
URGENT NEED: Forumla Needed for Malnourished Babies in Ethiopia

A little backstory. The AWAA Transition home is where Ezra lived from 2-7 months of age. They are nearly out of American formula and have 90 kids in the home currently with many being severely malnourished and at risk of death by starvation. If you click on the button at the far top right you can go and donate to buy some formula to keep these babies alive. There are 90 kids at the Transition home ranging from infants to 11 years. We learned quickly with Ezra that one can of formula does not go very far. We also learned while in country that a can of formulas is VERY expensive there. One small can of the Ethiopian formula was more expensive then the American version and with the average yearly income being only $100 U.S I can imagine why there are so many starving and abandoned children.


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