My boys are gone again :(

I love this picture b/c he just "loved" that screwdriver. Of course I was paranoid about his poking his eye out with it, but he just crawled around with it upstairs.

Our little angel!

Harvard MBA here I come! Getting a heads up on the GMAT :)

Some of the beautiful wildflowers by our church.

Well the boys are in Shreveport again visiting family and I'm here all alone. I enjoy some "me" time but I miss my little angels. Well one little one and one man sized one :) I was supposed to do a Pro-Life walk today but it's just pouring down rain - yuck! Now I have all this time to clean the house since Ezzy won't just come behind me and slobber all over the wood floors I've just mopped but I can't seem to find the motivation. I have only just now started reading Tom Davis' "Red Letters" and I can't put it down. It just speaks to my heart to passionatly. I'm ready to jump in my car, buy a plane ticket to Africa and just be Jesus' hands and body for these people! I'm also still so in love with the little 7 year old boy I found on Rainbow Kids and I just keep praying for the Lord to work in Michael's heart and in mine to let me know what I'm supposed to do, whether it be just prayer for his life and a family to love him or that I should become his mother.


if you ever come with them to shreveport let me know :) I am VERY close to shreveport and we could meet :)

Noah, Celeste, and Jeremiah's mama

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