Buy One. Get One.

The charity: water TOMS shoe is back.
And this time it's blue.

In Spring 2010, we released two limited-edition water shoes with TOMS -- and we sold out in just a few weeks. Now, we're releasing another water shoe, this time to help fund three more water projects! When you buy a pair, $5 goes towards wells in developing nations. And as always, for every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

Shoes and clean water go hand in hand to prevent diseases in developing countries. The water project funded by our first charity: water shoe will serve 540 people with clean drinking water in Sekura Village, Ethiopia. We hope to fund three more projects through our newest water shoe to help many more living without safe water.

Support the work of two organizations you love. Learn more and buy a pair now.


Paula said…
We're all getting these for Christmas at the Spears house. :)

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